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The Rich Delights of Percheron Wines: A Boutinot South Africa Masterpiece

The Rich Delights of Percheron Wines: A Boutinot South Africa Masterpiece

Percheron Wines UK

  1. Introduction

Most good winemakers have a portfolio of wines which they cultivate and often use to address different routes to market. Boutinot, a UK producer of wines with operations around the globe, is no exception to this trend, and has a stable of South African products, produced in-house, but distributed on a worldwide basis.

Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike are no strangers to the allure of a fine wine that tantalises the senses and transports them to distant vineyards. In the world of wine, few brands have mastered the art of crafting exceptional wines like Boutinot. Among their impressive collection, Percheron Wines in the UK stand out as a true testament to the brand’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation. In this blog, we delve into the captivating world of Percheron Wines, uncovering the essence of the brand and the unique characteristics that make it a standout choice for discerning palates. One of a series of Boutinot brands available online at

  • The Legacy of Boutinot: Crafting Wines with Passion

Boutinot, a name synonymous with excellence in winemaking, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1980. With a philosophy rooted in the pursuit of creating authentic wines that reflect their origin, the brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation while staying true to traditional winemaking techniques. Percheron Wines in the UK, a jewel in Boutinot’s crown, epitomises this commitment by offering a range of wines that not only captivate the senses but also embody the brand’s core values.

The company’s ethos revolves around sourcing exceptional wines while prioritising sustainable practices and ethical choices. Boutinot’s dedication to nurturing strong relationships with growers and investing in environmentally conscious production methods has paved the way for extraordinary brands like Percheron Wines.

  • The Percheron Story

Percheron Wines draws its name from the Percheron horse, a noble and powerful breed known for its versatility and strength. This choice of name perfectly encapsulates the essence of the brand’s wines – bold, robust, and full of character. The Percheron horse also symbolises the partnership between the land and its inhabitants, reflecting the harmonious relationship that Percheron Wines strives to achieve with the environment.

  • Terroir-Driven Excellence

At the heart of Percheron Wines lies a deep reverence for terroir – the unique combination of soil, climate, and geography that imparts distinct characteristics to each vineyard. The brand’s winemakers meticulously select vineyard sites that allow the grapes to thrive and express their individuality. This results in wines that possess a remarkable sense of place, telling a story of the land they originate from.

  • Innovative Blending: The Art of Balance

One of the hallmarks of Percheron Wines is the artful blending of grape varieties to create harmonious and captivating flavors. The winemakers at Boutinot understand that the magic of winemaking often lies in the balance between different grape components. With Percheron Wines, they skillfully combine grape varieties to produce wines that are greater than the sum of their parts. This approach leads to a complexity of flavors that excites the palate and keeps wine enthusiasts coming back for more.

  • A Commitment to Sustainability

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Percheron Wines and Boutinot lead the way with their dedication to sustainability. From vineyard practices that prioritise biodiversity to packaging choices that minimise their carbon footprint, the brand’s commitment to preserving the environment is evident in every aspect of their winemaking process. Choosing a bottle of Percheron Wine not only treats you to an exceptional wine but also aligns with a commitment to a greener future.

  • Vegan-Friendly Delights

For those adhering to a vegan lifestyle, Percheron Wines is a true delight. The brand’s wines are crafted without the use of any animal-derived fining agents, making them 100% vegan-friendly. This thoughtful approach not only caters to a growing community of conscious consumers but also aligns with Boutinot’s ethical principles. As a result, when you enjoy a glass of Percheron wine, you can savor it with the knowledge that it’s in harmony with your values.

  • Exploring the Percheron Range

Percheron Wines presents an expansive range that caters to diverse palates and preferences. Whether your heart leans towards reds, whites, or rosés, there’s a Percheron creation that’s sure to captivate your senses. Each bottle encapsulates the brand’s dedication to quality, allowing the unique terroir of South Africa to shine through in every pour.

  • Percheron Old Vine Cinsault: A true embodiment of the Percheron spirit, this red wine is a sensory journey through notes of red berries and a touch of spice. Sourced from ancient vines, this Cinsault offers a velvety texture and a harmonious balance of acidity. Be it a relaxed evening or a formal occasion, this wine rises to the occasion, bringing depth and elegance to your glass..
  • Percheron Chenin Blanc Viognier: For enthusiasts of white wine, the Chenin Blanc-Viognier blend is a revelation of aromas and flavors. With hints of ripe pear, citrus, and delicate florals, this wine dances gracefully on the palate, leaving a crisp and refreshing finish. It’s an impeccable companion to light dishes, seafood, or simply moments of tranquility.
  • Percheron Shiraz Mourvèdre: This red blend is a bold and rich expression of two classic grape varieties. With deep berry flavors, a touch of spice, and a lingering finish, it’s a wine that exudes warmth and complexity.
  • Conclusion: Elevate Your Palate with Percheron Wines

Percheron Wines, a distinguished brand within the Boutinot portfolio, invite you on a sensory journey that celebrates the art of winemaking, the beauty of terroir, and the commitment to sustainability. With each bottle, you’re not just indulging in a wine; you’re immersing yourself in a world where passion, innovation, and authenticity converge. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or an adventurous novice, exploring the offerings of Percheron Wines is an experience that promises to leave a lasting impression on your palate and your appreciation for the finer things in life.

With its diverse range of offerings, commitment to vegan-friendly practices, and dedication to preserving the environment, Percheron has earned its place as a favorite among wine enthusiasts. Each sip of Percheron wine in the UK is an invitation to celebrate not only the artistry of winemaking but also the values that make our world a better place.

Elevate your wine experience and embrace the enchanting world of Percheron Wines – where every sip is a celebration of craftsmanship, terroir, and the art of a truly exceptional wine. Visit to discover these exquisite wines and embark on a journey that will forever change your perspective on wine.

To find out more about the Boutinot wineries go to their website by clicking here

Percheron Wines UK


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