Laborie Estate

Discover the Elegance of Laborie Estate Wines

A Legacy of French Style and South African Terroir

Welcome to a world where the rich heritage of French viticulture meets the vibrant character of South African soil. At Laborie Estate, every sip tells a story of centuries-old winemaking tradition, passionately upheld since 1691. Nestled in the scenic Paarl Valley, our wines capture the essence of this diverse landscape, offering a balance of flavor, structure, and texture that is distinctly Laborie.

Our range of Laborie wines, including the sophisticated Laborie Blanc de Blancs, the robust Laborie Merlot, the refreshing Laborie Rose NV Sparkling, and the crisp Laborie Sauvignon Blanc, reflects the winemaking artistry of Kobus van der Merwe. Kobus, with his deep-rooted passion for viticulture, crafts each bottle with a blend of meticulous care and a touch of innovation. He believes in respecting the wine as a living entity, ensuring that each vintage not only bursts with flavor but also retains the elegance and style synonymous with French winemaking.

Laborie’s journey began over three centuries ago when French Huguenot Isaac Taillefert planted the first vines on this fertile land. Today, the legacy continues with wines acclaimed for their depth, aroma, and distinctive style, once likened to the fine wines of Champagne. The winemaking process at Laborie is akin to playing a complex, ever-evolving game, harmonizing the elements of geology, climate, and cultivation practices to create wines that are not just beverages but experiences.

As you browse our collection, you’re not just selecting a bottle of wine; you’re embracing a piece of history, a testament to the dedication and passion that has defined Laborie Estate for over 300 years. Indulge in the excellence of Laborie and let every glass take you on a journey through the beautiful Western Cape and into the heart of Laborie’s winemaking artistry.

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The Laborie Estate: A Tapestry of Flavours and Traditions

Crafting Excellence in Every Bottle

Laborie Estate, a jewel in the crown of South African wineries, is not just about producing wine; it’s about crafting a legacy. Our winemaker, Kobus van der Merwe, brings a unique perspective to each bottle. Having grown up on a vineyard and fruit farm, his journey from a curious child to a master winemaker epitomizes Laborie’s commitment to excellence. Every bottle of Laborie Merlot is a testament to this dedication, offering a rich and nuanced experience that echoes the Laborie philosophy.

A Spectrum of Flavours

Our diverse range of wines, cultivated in the varied topography of the Paarl Valley, offers something for every palate. From the refreshing Laborie Blanc de Blancs, perfect for those crisp, special occasions, to the vibrant and lively Laborie Rose NV Sparkling, every variety speaks to the meticulous care and attention to detail in our winemaking process. The Laborie Sauvignon Blanc, with its crisp, clean notes, embodies the freshness and vitality of the South African terroir.

A Journey Through Time

At Laborie Estate, we are not just preserving a winemaking tradition; we are evolving it. The estate’s history, dating back to 1691, is a rich narrative of resilience, innovation, and passion. This history is infused in every aspect of our winemaking, from the selection of grapes to the aging process. We invite you to explore this journey with each glass, experiencing the legacy and the innovation that are the hallmarks of Laborie wines.

More Than Just Wine

Laborie is more than a winery; it’s a destination. Our tasting experiences, set in the historic Manor House or under the shade of ancient oaks, offer an immersive journey into the world of fine wines. Here, you can taste the depth and breadth of our selection, including the much-loved MCCs, and understand the artistry behind each blend.

An Invitation to Explore

We invite you to delve into the world of Laborie Estate wines. Discover the blend of tradition and innovation that makes each of our wines unique. Explore our range, savor the flavors, and become part of the Laborie story. Each bottle you choose is a chapter in this ongoing story of excellence and passion.