Discover the Rich Heritage of KWV Wines & Spirits

Experience the Legacy of South African Winemaking

Welcome to the world of KWV – an emblem of South African winemaking excellence. Founded in 1918, KWV (Ko-operatiewe Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Zuid-Afrika) began as a collective initiative by wine farmers to stabilize and uplift a burgeoning industry. This venture, rooted in the same year as Nelson Mandela’s birth, marks a significant chapter in South African history, intertwining the legacy of a nation with the evolution of its wine industry​​.

KWV swiftly grew into a cornerstone of the Cape’s wine landscape. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Charles W. H. Kohler, elected as KWV’s first Chairman in 1918, it became a pivotal influence in shaping the wine sector throughout the 20th century​​. By 1926, KWV had expanded its repertoire, becoming one of the first brandy producers in the Cape, with its inaugural commercial brandy exported to the UK​​.

Dive into our selection of KWV products, where each bottle embodies a century of tradition and innovation. From the robust Roodeberg red blends, a symbol of rarity and prestige since 1949​​, to the pioneering KWV 10 Year Old Brandy, a testament to the brand’s distilling expertise, our collection offers a taste of South Africa’s rich winemaking heritage.

Embrace the journey through KWV’s historic timeline, where each sip brings you closer to the heart of South African winemaking. Explore now and be part of KWV’s continuing legacy.

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KWV: A Century of Winemaking Innovation and Excellence

Pioneering the South African Wine and Spirits Industry

KWV, a name synonymous with South African winemaking heritage, has been a beacon of innovation and quality since its inception in 1918. This revered brand, starting as a collective initiative by wine farmers, has grown to become an iconic name in the global wine and spirits industry.

Innovation and Quality at Its Core

KWV has been at the forefront of viticultural and winemaking innovation. Its history is marked by significant milestones, such as the introduction of cold fermentation in 1962, which revolutionized wine production​​. This pioneering spirit is evident in KWV’s vast array of products, ranging from classic wines to exquisite brandies and unique spirits.

A Legacy of Distinction

KWV’s commitment to quality and excellence is evidenced by its numerous accolades and achievements. It made history by winning the Worldwide Trophy for Brandy at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) a record ten times, with its 15-year-old Potstill Brandy​​. This dedication to crafting world-class spirits is exemplified in products like KWV 10 Year Old Brandy, a blend of rich flavor and smooth texture, offering a quintessential brandy experience.

Expanding Horizons

In recent years, KWV has expanded its reach, making significant contributions to the South African Wine Industry Trust (SAWIT) and participating in the country’s largest BBBEE deal with Phetogo (Pty) Ltd​​​​. These initiatives not only reflect KWV’s commitment to social responsibility but also its dedication to bringing South African wines and spirits to a broader audience.

The KWV Experience

Exploring KWV’s range, customers will find a diverse selection of products, each with its unique story. From the legendary Roodeberg blends, a staple at gatherings since 1949​​, to innovative offerings like the KWV Heritage XO Cognac, South Africa’s first Cognac​​, there’s something for every palate.

As KWV continues to evolve and innovate, it remains true to its roots – a testament to South African winemaking history, culture, and excellence. Explore our collection and be part of this extraordinary journey.