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Welcome to our collection of Darling Wines, a treasure trove of unique, cool-climate wines from the Darling wine region of South Africa. Situated just 65 kilometers north of Cape Town, this coastal wine-producing district is renowned for its distinctive wines, particularly those made from the Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz grape varieties.

Our selection of Darling Wines offers you the opportunity to explore the rich flavours and complex profiles of wines from this region. Whether you’re a fan of the robust, full-bodied Old Blocks Pinotage by Darling Cellars or the rich, chocolatey notes of the Chocoholic Pinotage, our collection promises a wine to suit every palate.

So, why wait? Dive in and discover the unique charm of Darling Wines today!

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Explore the Darling Wine Region

The Darling wine region, nestled in the Western Cape of South Africa, is a place of unique beauty and exceptional wines. Its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and moderately dry climate create the perfect conditions for producing unique, cool-climate style wines.

The region’s climate is heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The Benguela Current that runs up the west coast of Africa provides cooling winds that sweep through the vineyards in the afternoons. This oceanic influence, coupled with a significant diurnal temperature variation, allows the grapes to cool down at night, helping them retain their acidity while still developing complex flavours.

Growers in Darling have adapted to the region’s poor quality soils and low rainfall by planting bush vines. These vines are more resistant to drought and grow deeper root systems, allowing them to reach deeper to find moisture. This adaptation results in naturally low yielding vines, meaning the fruit has more concentration, which leads to greater complexity in the finished wine.

One of Darling’s signature grape varieties is Shiraz, which is also grown in bush vines in some vineyards in Australia and Southern France. Darling’s other top-performing grape, Sauvignon Blanc, is also extensively planted as a bush vine. Bush-vine Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chenin Blanc also feature in the area’s vineyards.

The region’s wine estates sit on the rolling hills that surround the small town of Darling. The slopes face all manner of directions, allowing growers to position their vineyards in a way that will make the most of ocean breezes coming in from the Atlantic. Wines of Darling have garnered international acclaim in the past 10 years, particularly the intense and unusual styles made from bush-vine Sauvignon Blanc.

One such example from our collection is the Old Blocks Pinotage by Darling Cellars. This robust, full-bodied wine is a testament to the unique terroir of the Darling region. Its rich, complex flavours are a direct result of the deep-rooted bush vines that are characteristic of the area.

Darling was separated from Swartland in the Wine of Origin scheme in 2003, after a consensus that the wines produced here were distinctive enough to merit acknowledgment. This recognition has only added to the allure of Darling wines, making them a must-try for any wine enthusiast.

So, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a curious beginner, our collection of Darling Wines offers a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the distinct flavours of this remarkable wine region. Enjoy the journey!