South African Blends

A Symphony of Flavours

Welcome to our selection of South African Blends, where the magic of winemaking truly comes to life. South Africa’s unique terroir and diverse climate have given birth to an array of exquisite blends, each with its own distinct character and charm.

From the sun-kissed vineyards of Stellenbosch to the cool slopes of Franschhoek, our collection showcases the very best of South African blended wines. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, you’re sure to find a blend that speaks to your palate.

Why not start your exploration with our Coterie by Wildeberg – Chenin Blanc & Grenache Blanc? This white blend is a perfect introduction to the complexity and richness of South African wines. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a red? Our Goats Do Roam Red is a delightful blend that perfectly captures the spirit of South African winemaking.

Dive in, explore, and let the flavours of South Africa transport you to the heart of its vineyards. Happy tasting!

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results

The Art of South African Blends

South African blends are a testament to the artistry of winemaking. They represent a harmonious marriage of different grape varieties, each contributing its unique characteristics to create a wine that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Magic of Blending

Blending is a time-honoured tradition in South African winemaking. It allows winemakers to balance the strengths and weaknesses of different grape varieties, resulting in a wine that is well-rounded and complex. The process of blending requires a deep understanding of each grape variety’s characteristics and how they interact with each other. It’s a delicate balancing act that, when done right, results in a wine that is harmonious and full of depth.

A Symphony of Flavours

Our selection of South African blends offers a symphony of flavours for you to explore. From robust reds to crisp whites, each blend tells a unique story of the land from which it comes. You’ll find blends from renowned regions such as Stellenbosch, known for its bold reds, and Franschhoek, celebrated for its elegant whites.

Discover Unique Blends

Among our collection, you’ll find unique blends that showcase the creativity of South African winemakers. For instance, the Percheron Shiraz Mourvedre is a red blend that combines the spicy richness of Shiraz with the dark fruit flavours of Mourvedre. On the other hand, the Reyneke Organic White is a white blend that offers a refreshing mix of citrus and floral notes.

The Perfect Blend for Every Occasion

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or celebrating a special occasion, there’s a South African blend for every moment. These wines are versatile and food-friendly, making them the perfect companion to a wide range of dishes.

So why wait? Discover the artistry of South African blends and experience the magic of South African winemaking today.