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Welcome to our curated selection of Boekenhoutskloof wines. This prestigious winery, established in 1776, is nestled in the furthest corner of the beautiful Franschhoek valley. The name Boekenhoutskloof, pronounced “Book-n-Howed”, translates to “ravine of the Boekenhout”, an indigenous Cape Beech tree greatly prized for furniture making.

Boekenhoutskloof is renowned for its Syrah wines, with its premium range selling out on release each vintage. The winery’s most successful offering, The Chocolate Block – a Syrah based blend – is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of South African wines.

In our collection, you’ll find a variety of Boekenhoutskloof wines, including the popular Chocolate Block and the Wolftrap range. Each bottle promises a unique taste of South Africa’s rich wine heritage.

Explore our Boekenhoutskloof wines below and immerse yourself in the exquisite flavours of South Africa’s Franschhoek valley.

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Dive Deeper into the World of Boekenhoutskloof Wines

Boekenhoutskloof Winery has a rich history that dates back to 1776. It’s located in the picturesque Franschhoek valley, a region known for its exceptional winemaking conditions. The winery is named after the indigenous Cape Beech tree, known as Boekenhout in Afrikaans, which is highly valued for its use in furniture making.

The winery was revitalised in 1993 with a new vineyard planting programme that includes Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Semillon, and Viognier. This diverse range of grapes allows Boekenhoutskloof to produce a variety of unique and flavourful wines.

One of the standout wines from Boekenhoutskloof is The Chocolate Block. This Syrah-based blend is one of the most successful new wine offerings to come out of South Africa in the modern era. It’s a testament to the winery’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Boekenhoutskloof is also known for its commitment to biodiversity and conservation. They have undertaken significant efforts to remove invasive alien plants from the farm and restore the sensitive riverine area. The winery is also home to a rare Erica species, Erica Lerouxiae, which is unique to Boekenhoutskloof and the neighbouring farm, Haut Espoir.

Boekenhoutskloof’s Managing Partner & Technical Director, Marc Kent, is a driving force behind the winery’s success. His willingness to experiment with the unconventional has led to the creation of a diverse and exciting range of wines.

Explore our selection of Boekenhoutskloof wines and experience the unique flavours and rich history of this renowned South African winery.