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Welcome to our collection of Baleia Wines, a unique selection of South African wines that truly embody the essence of their terroir. The Baleia vineyard is renowned for its pure, solid limestone soil, rich in minerals, which imparts a distinctive chalky minerality and maritime salinity to the wines.

Each bottle from Baleia is a testament to their meticulous vineyard philosophy, where attention to detail and the use of advanced technology ensures the production of beautifully balanced fruit. The result? Wines that are true to their terroir, boasting a unique mineral and maritime character that sets them apart.

Explore our selection of Baleia Wines, including the elegant Baleia Chardonnay, the robust Baleia Pinot Noir, the refreshing Baleia Sauvignon Blanc, and the intriguing Baleia Vinhos Rochas blend. Each wine offers a unique taste experience, inviting you on a journey to the South African coast with every sip.

Dive into the world of Baleia Wines and discover the taste of South Africa’s unique terroir.

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The Essence of Baleia Wines

Baleia Wines are not just beverages, they are a testament to the harmony between nature and meticulous craftsmanship. The uniqueness of the Baleia vineyard lies in its pure, solid limestone soil, which is rich in minerals. This soil, home to the rare Canca fynbos, imparts a distinctive chalky minerality and maritime salinity to the wines, creating a unique mouthfeel that is both intriguing and delightful.

Vineyard Philosophy

At Baleia, the winemaking cycle begins with consistent attention to detail in the vineyards. The use of advanced technology, such as soil probes and NDVI scanning, allows for fine-tuning of the vineyards, ensuring the perfect amount of stress that brings balance and longevity to the vines. Baleia believes that healthy soil promotes healthy roots, which in turn promotes healthy vines that produce beautifully balanced fruit.


The winemaking philosophy at Baleia is all about portraying the unique aspect of the site. The wines are true to their terroir and can be identified by their very specific mineral and maritime character in a blind tasting. These inherent qualities are allowed to take centre stage in the wines because minimal intervention is used in the cellar to ensure that the natural beauty of the fruit is not clouded.

The Baleia Wine Range

Our range of Baleia Wines includes the elegant Baleia Chardonnay, a crisp wine with elder flower and lime blossom aromas, almond biscotti and light oak flavours on the palate. The natural salts found in the soils present a delicate sensation of minerality in Baleia’s food-driven wines and prepare the palate beautifully. Creamy Italian pasta dishes are this Chardonnay’s perfect companion.

A Journey to the South African Coast

When you savour a glass of Baleia, you’ll know the circle is complete. You are not just tasting a wine, but experiencing a journey to the South African coast, where the vines overcome fierce elements to create fruit with singular character and depth of flavour. Beyond evocative wine, Baleia is also about finding harmony between self, others, and nature in pursuit of life’s perfect equilibrium.