Baleia Vinhos Rochas


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Baleia Vinhos Rochas

Wine from Rock – Made from Tempranillo and Syrah grapes grown in pure limestone soils, that are so hard and rocky that the vine struggles to grow and thus yields a small, concentrated crop. We respect the fruit by making use of amphorae and large wooden foudres in the cellar, which highlights the unique minerality and makes for a tantalizing wine bursting with character.

Vibrant and juicy bursting with minerality, this ‘Wine From Rock’ made from Syrah and Tempranillo, truly
reflects the rocky soils in which its grown

Baleia’s food-driven wines present a delicate sensation of minerality which is expressed by natural salts found in the soils and prepares the palate beautifully.


Wines are made in the vineyard and it is our responsibility in the cellar to trust the work that has
been done all year and the terroir in which the wines are grown. We respect the fruit and play our hand very lightly in the cellar so has to ensure that the wines reflect a true sense of place.


Baleia believes that living soils = strong roots = healthy vines = perfectly ripened fruit. We believe that through science and meticulous farming with attention to the details, we can produce grapes that truly reflect the terroir in which they are grown.

Grown in pure limestone soil with extremely high mineral content, which results in a lively wine layered
with fine structure.


2021 was characterised as a temperate vintage with a dry growing season, resulting in lovely dark fruit
flavours. The cool 2019 winter and a year of relatively low stress produced a softer fruit profile which elevates the mineral character in the wines.

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Established in 2009 by the Joubert family, their winemaking style is inspired by the Mediterranean climate. Their ethos is to create wines that reflect the unique terroir and elements of their remarkable location. In fact, Baleia is the only winery on the Lower Duiwenhoksrivier in Vermaaklikheid in the southern coastal area of the Cape. Baleia is Portuguese for whale and the striking labels are inspired by St. Sebastien Bay, the Whale Nursery of South Africa.

Discover a place of whales and wonder, where wines are born from rocky limestone soil in a remote and
unspoilt corner of the Cape South Coast. Here vines overcome fierce elements to create fruit with singular
character and depth of flavour. Beyond evocative wine, Baleia is also about finding harmony between self,
others and nature in pursuit of life’s perfect equilibrium

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Baleia Vinhos Rochas

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