Hazy View Pinotage


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Hazy View Pinotage

Hazy View Pinotage is made from warm berried fruit with smoky and tobacco hints, this is a modern expression of South Africa’s signature grape.
20 years after the end of Apartheid, South Africa is finally making the wines it always
promised it would. Hazy View wines are specially selected, blended and bottled for us
to typify the classic South African grape varieties
Sourced from vineyards in the Western Cape and produced at our partner winery in
Paarl. The vineyards are situated in the mountainous and biologically diverse area in
the South Western corner of Africa. The overall climate here is typically Mediterranean,
but the mountainous landscape creates mesoclimates that are ideal for creating
quality wines. The oceanic breezes from the Atlantic and the warmer currents of the
Indian Ocean meet around the Cape of South Africa, influencing and refreshing the
Western Cape vineyards.
Produced at our winery in Paarl, the grapes were selected and then fermented in
temperature controlled stainless steel tanks to maintain maximum freshness and
Medium bodied with ripe, brambly fruit through to a lively finish. This is a modern
expression of South Africa’s signature grape, a very drinkable style.
Pinotage 100%

The Western Cape, a mountainous and biologically varied region in the southwest of Africa, is where the grapes for these traditional South African wines are grown. Although the region’s climate is generally more Mediterranean, the mountainous topography produces mesoclimates that are perfect for producing high-quality wines.

Vineyards on the Western Cape are influenced and refreshed by the oceanic breezes from the Atlantic and the warmer currents of the Indian Ocean as they meet near the South African Cape.

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Hazy View Pinotage

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