Klipdrift Brandy


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Klipdrift Brandy

Only once the finest quality grapes are harvested, can the legendary brandy making process begin. From boiler to distillation, maturation to blending – each stage plays a vital role in creating what’s known as the ‘Heart of Gold’ in every drop of Klipdrift.

Klipdrift Export is a brandy worthy of its status as a South African icon.

Skilfully distilled and left to mature in French Oak for three years, its rich array of flavours with complex tastes and aromas create what is celebrated today as pure liquid gold.

The Klipdrift legend began on the farm that gives the brand its name.

After a selfless act of bravery led to an extraordinarily generous gift, a genuine lifelong friendship between neighbours was born.

And one warm night in 1938 at 8:02pm, when the first golden drops of Klipdrift were produced, it was only fitting that those neighbours share in the joy and success together.

Since then, that friendship and generosity has been repaid in barrels of the smooth, full-bodied liquid gold that we celebrate today as

South Africa’s favourite brandy which is, as its always been, best enjoyed with friends.

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Klipdrift Brandy


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